Working Here

If you are a veteran of working in this field, you will find us a little different.

If you are a veteran support professional, you know the value of making a close connection with the people you serve. Our small scale makes it possible for you to cultivate relationships and make a powerful difference in people’s quality of life.

We welcome newcomers as well, who are interested in learning new skills and expanding the potential in themselves and those around them.

We serve our loved ones with an inclusive, family approach. Consider how you would want your sibling to be treated and cared about. It is with this intention that our team members offer a level of support that sets us apart.

Per Washington state law, applicants must pass an FBI background check before hire. Learn the work, receive necessary training and get your certifications while on the job. All training and licensing costs are covered.


If this sounds like something you want to explore further, click here [link button] to begin the application process or call [yet to be determined phone number].

Four Team Values

  • Interdependence
  • Professional support reliably offered and properly valued
  • Welcoming all into our community
  • Services grounded in evidence, reality and choice

This might the place to:

  1. Insert some pictures and positive comments from staff, and;
  2. Discuss what the basic routine is for the day…
  3. Discuss pay scale/bonuses/StayCentive
  4. We will train you for a position—you become more desirable no matter where you work.