Our Team

Administrative Leadership

Doug Overlock
Executive Director

Because we are grounded in family, our long-term team members develop strong and durable bonds with the families we serve. This Family Co-op team saves lives every day, connecting authentically with the loved ones we serve.

Lynnette Richardson
Residential Administrator

I appreciate the opportunity to work with such an extraordinary group of caring people. Also, to support the family members and guardians of their loved ones. The affinity that develops within this circle of stakeholders is one of the reasons I am pleased to be a part of this organization.

Residential Leadership

Jayme Zaragoza
Support Services Manager

I enjoy working at Merry Glen, because it's as rewarding as it is challenging . The Loved Ones and their families become a part of our own family. Everyday there is something new and enlightening.

Heather Cox
Human Resources Manager
Amanda Kochel
Residential Activities Services Manager

Development Leadership

Kevan Gardner
Development Director

As a long-time caregiver for my sister, I'm very happy to work with an organization that supports folks living with disabilities and their families.

Robin Peltier
Development and Compliance Administrator

My passion is to work with non-profits that seem to be the "underdog" and I love advocating for my passions which include diversity, inclusion, and helping those that may not be able to help themselves.