The Family Co-op Board Members

Until 2021, all board members had to be family members of a loved one at Merry Glen. That requirement and others were eliminated with a new constitution and by-laws in 2021. Today, involved families are considered members and they select the board at an annual meeting.

The Board of Directors serves for a two-year term, which may be extended. Meetings are on the third Tuesday of every month. The current strategy seeks to broaden membership on the board to include community members.

For further information, contact Compliance & Admin Specialist Robin Peltier at [email protected].

Greg Partch, Sr.
Dan DeBoise
Board Member
Rhonda Freeman
Board Member
Bill Nesbit
Board Member
Steve Linton
Board Member
Scott Stone
Board Member


Corporate Name: Parents’ Cooperative Society for the Handicapped, Inc.
Incorporated 1961; Non-profit status 1963
Address: 2914 N. Cincinnati
Spokane, WA 99027
Phone: 509-487-0232